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50 reasons why I love THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

1. They are called The Black Dahlia Murder .

2. The name came from the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, often referred to as “Black Dahlia”.

3. They started with this name and never gave any thought of changing it. Never ever!

4. They play Melodic Death Metal for mass destruction.

5. The font they use in their band logo.

6. Their first demo album was, “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse.”

7. And it had no song called “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse.”

8. But well, they went sane for a while and released it in their 3rd album, “Nocturnal”.

9. Every band member is cool.

10. No kidding, they are among the coolest bastards i‘ve ever seen.

11. The vocalist, Trevor Strnad.

12. Inspired by Carcass, Trevor screams in two completely different voices. The low one is Bill Steer, and the high one is Jeff Walker.

13. Trevor Strnad’s first tattoo was inspired by Carcas’s ‘Tools Of The Trade’ cover art. He was 19 when he got those tools inked on his right forearm.

14. Trevor would like to have “we are the world” to be played at his funeral.

15. Trevor’s words: “I like that hardcore has a sense of community without the competition you see in metal.”

16. Second founding member, Brian Eschbach on rhythm guitar.

17. Brain is fucking hilarious when he takes up the mike.

18. Brain has 4 cool cats and a cool moped which he drives whenever he thinks “it’s a cool time for a cool ride”.

19. Shannon Lucas, the drummer.

20. Okay, it’s no cool to call him just a “drummer”. B’coz he is a fucking drum machine.

21. Shannon started playing guitar when he was 12 but then he got his crush switched over and became the beast behind the drums.

22. Ryan Knight, Lead guitarist.

23. Every solo work of Ryan’s. All of them!

24. Max Lavelle, the new guy on bass.

25. I still miss Bart on bass but Max is no wrong decision. His recent live performance are being appreciated and he is a great guitarist. Band’s bass is in safe hands.

26. Bart still helps the band in songwriting.

27. Just to remind you, they are called The Black Dahlia Murder.

28. Every Black Dahlia interview.

29. Specially when Brain and Trevor sit and talk shit together.

30. This video -> BLACK DAHLIA MURDER 10 Questions About Weed.

31. Lyrics. More or less.

32. Cover art of Deflorate.

33. This

Wait. What is Cannibal Corpse doing here?
Okay. Sorry. This sexy sarcastic humor of mine. Can’t help it. 😛

34. Let’s get back to Black Dahlia Murder. They performed at Wacken.

35. They headlined the 2008 Summer Slaughter Tour with Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, The Faceless, Born of Osiris, Whitechapel, etc.

36. They played on Hot Topic Stage in Mayhem Festival 2009.

37. The song, “Moonlight Equilibrium”.

38. This song is horny as fuck.

39. The song, “Everything Went Black”.

40. The music video of “Everything Went Black”.

41. The song, A Vulgar Picture.

42. The song, Statutory Ape.

43. The Ape .

44. Every song that brain writes.

45. Every song that Ryan writes.

46. Every Black Dahlia track is a fucking crushing machine that deports its own identity. No period!

47. The fact that they don’t take shit from no one.

48. The fact that they are still called THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

49. The fact that me saying this name again and again might be annoying the shit outta you.

50. Fact that, FUCK YOU. I love this name.

Shits which came out this year and has shown NO MERCY

First I thought of making a list of best albums of 2012 so far. There is hell lotta shits came out in this year, some of which stuck in my mind for weeks. But then I came to realize that I am quite reluctant in making lists. So I decided, I will post those 2012 albums which I have been listening recently. Because I don’t wanna get killed by someone whose favorite album is not in the list. To make things clear, this is not any kinda “top albums so far” or something. This list may turn out to be a little different if you ask me tomorrow. 😛

And yea, this is not in any particular order. I made this list pretty quickly, wrote whichever album came first in my mind. So, here we go. Holy fuck! That “so” rhymed with “go”. I am a fucking poet. 😀

Okay, sorry for that 😛 . Here,

1.  IHSAHN – EREMITA – [Progressive Metal]

Former Emperor frontman, Ihsahn, a genius musician, crafted his solo album titled “Eremita”. Groovy riffs, Emperor-era blasts with keyboards, Jorgen Munkeby’s saxophone adding layer of brilliance and beautiful chorus melodies. This is scary, heavy, beautiful and ugly, making this weird shit worth listening.


Stillborn messengers is a french Hardcore, Metalcore, Djent metal act. They released their first EP this year. Sightless has astonishing guitar riffs, heavy drums, amazing and intense vocals, heavy, brutal and beautiful at the same time.

3. MESHUGGAH – KOLOSS – [Progressive/Tech Metal]

Here, GO! -> Meshuggah – The Metallica of Present Time.

4.  AHAB – THE GIANT – [Nautical Doom Metal]

Ahab is a nautical doom metal band from Germany.  It is difficult to find a band as dark, as slow, as strong, as brutal and as ridiculously heavy as Ahab.  If the link is not dead yet, listen full album here.


Apart from other albums, this one’s no metal. Here GO! – > I Don’t Wanna Go Heaven, coz I Am Graced Already – THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH


Testament! Enough said.

7.  GOJIRA – L’ENFANT  SAUVAGE – [Technical Death/Thrash/Groove/Progressive Metal]

Here, GO! -> Any GOJIRA album is a good GOJIRA album

8. PERIPHERY – PERIPHERY II – THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL –  [Progressive/Groove/Djent Metal]

American Metal band Periphery, popular with their Djent sound, released their second album last month. Periphery II is a lot heavier and catchier than their first release. Many would say “vocalist sounds gay”, “their sound’s no heavy” and blah blah blah.! But, I love Periphery  and I love Periphery and I love Periphery and I think you’ll like them too.


                 SWANS – THE SEER           KATATONIA – DEAD END KINGS        SYLOSIS – MONOLITH

How about a nice cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP