What good you can get from a lousy night? Well, i got EXIVIOUS. :D

Yesterday night, i had nothing to do. So i went on google and after a while, cogitating with my mind, i finally wrote “interesting music websites”. Then i clicked on this link: Top 10 Ways to Discover New Music.Yea some of the links wont work. Then i explored every music-recommendation website posted in that column. Most of the sites use last.fm API and looked almost the same. So i went on reading comments. There i found www.musicroamer.com. This one is also last.fm integrated site but kinda fancy looking. I mean its graphically-build recommendation cloud is pretty handsome. They asked me to write an artist name to begin with. So like every other site i tried before, i wrote “Blotted Science”. A good-looking recommendation cloud popped out. Among those, i had already heard of  Spastic Ink, Ron Jarzombek, Gorod and Behold the Arctopus. So i clicked on Exivious and then went on its last.fm page. The page says “Exivious isn’t an over the top math metal band and certainly isn’t a loungy jazz combo either. But expect everything in between!”. I was curious to discover what is in between? So i played Ripple of a Tear on youtube. And my plans of having a good night sleep were devastatingly doomed. I kept on listening the whole album all night long. Good experimental jazz-fusion metal music and awesome guitar works. Guitarist and front man Tymon Kruidenier, also the member of renowned metal act “Cynic”, has done a good job in translating highly technical riffs onto jazzier template. It is one the most amusing technical jazz fusion i have ever heard. These guys know how to play and this album rightfully exhale their class and skill. Go listen to Exivious. I highly recommend it.


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